Alzheimer’s & Dementia Great Resources to Help You

Here are some Alzheimer’s & Dementia great resources that a reader shared with me who is very concerned about the impact of Alzheimer’s and Dementia on our family members and people we know who suffer as well. We all need the help! Feel free to share any of the following resources as needed:

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Resources, Tips and FAQ’s

10 Stimulating Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients

The Caregiver’s Guide to Car Travel with Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Disease and When to Stop Driving

Everything You Need to Know to Prepare Your Home for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s

Dementia Care Dos & Don’ts: Dealing with Dementia Behavior Problems

Sensory Rooms for Dementia

Promoting Mental Health at Home: How to Design the Perfect Meditation Room

Preparing Your Home for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s: A Caregiver’s Guide

Alzheimer’s and Keeping Active/Involved

The Benefits of Cooking with Alzheimer’s

Keep Your Pets Close: How Animals Help Dementia

Helping Alzheimer’s Sufferers Cope with the Loss of a Loved One — A Guide for Caregivers

Dementia and Hygiene: How to Solve Hygiene Problems Common to People with Dementia

Budget-Friendly Smart Home Accommodations for Seniors and Individuals with Special Needs

Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Money Management

Overdose Response Guide: Awareness, Prevention, and Preparedness for Caregivers of Addicts

6 Signs of Elder Abuse in Seniors with Dementia

Resources shared by:

Marie Villeza